All LG hard reset tips and codes.


These tips work 100%, I have personally tested them out, feel free to use them. All LG mobile phone, both old models and new models.

Endevour to bookmark this page for easy access.

Good luck.

 Note: Meaning of some keywords used.

Vol + ( volume up button )

Vol - ( volume down button)

Pwr ( power button)

Caution: If you perform a hard reset, all user applications and user data will be deleted.

This cannot be reversed Remember to back up any important data if possible, before performing a hard reset.

2945#*#. Lg p525


Lg bypass verizon

Press vol+, vol-, home, back


Press vol+, vol-, back, search

Lg vs930 bypass activation

In the select language screen

Press vol+ den press vol- and then press back key


Vol+>  vol- > back key> home

Lg c310


LG Mytouch E739

+ Turn off the phone.

+ Press and hold the Volume Down and Power/Lock keys.

+ Wait 3 seconds and then press and hold the Back and Menu keys.

** Note: If you see the LG logo before pressing the Back and Menu keys, the reset hasnt been completed and you will need to restart.

+ Release the Power/Lock key after you see the LG logo.

+ Release the remaining keys after the LG logo flashes (blinks once).

+ The Android Unpacking screen appears.

+ The phone will restart and complete the factory reset.

LG E405

Vol - and power


LG GT540

Turn ON your phone. Press both VOLUME UP+ HOME + SEARCH buttons for 5 sec.

LG C729

1. Turn the power off.

2. Press and hold the following keys at the

same time for 15 seconds: A Key + F Key +

Down Volume Key + Power/Lock Key.

3. When the LG logo is displayed, release the


LG c729

1. Turn the power off.

2. Press and hold the following keys at

the same time for 15 seconds: A Key + F

Key + Down Volume Key + Power/Lock


3. When the LG logo is displayed, release

the keys.

Method #2

How to perform and unlock LG C729 factory


1. Turn the power off.

2. Press and hold: Home Key + Power Key

+ Volume Down Key.

3. Turn the power on, while keeping the three

keys pressed.

4. When the LG logo is shown, release the



LG optimus s

If the device is frozen, follow these steps:

1. Remove and reinsert the battery

2. The device will power on

3. Hold Volume down, Home, and Power buttons

until the reset screen appears

4. Select wipe data/factory reset (using volume

down) and press Menu

5. Select Yes and press Menu

LG p500/p509


Wait till phone enter recovery and starts erasing, till it reboots.

LG optimus L7 p900

You can hard reset your LG Optimus L7 P700 to restore the factory default settings.


Switched off your phone then press and hold the

Volume down key + Power key with your left hand.

When the LED on the bottom of the phone lights up, touch and hold the Menu key with your right hand You need to do this immediately, before the screen displays the LG logo. Make sure your lefth hand is still holding the Volume down and Powerkeys. Then release the power key at vibration time.

When the LG logo is displayed on the screen, continue to hold the keys for around 2 seconds, and then release all of them at the same time, before the LG logo disappears. Leave your phone for at least a minute while the hard reset is carried out. You will then be able to switch your phone back on.


1. Turn off the E988 / E985 / E980 / F240 / L04E

2. Make sure the battery LG OPTIMUS G

PRO E988 / E985 / E980 / F240 / L-04E

already full or more than 50%

3. Press together and hold the Power

Button + Volume Down Button

4. If the Logo appear, then release the

button, after that we will enter some


5. Choose Factory Hard Reset show in

the LCD, we can confirm the

information using Power Button to OK

or Volume Button to Cancel.

LG P999

Press vol down + power and keep pressing it tilll d fone reset and reboot

LG p716, Optimus L7 ii

Down + Power button + Hot key for about 10 seconds. When LG logo will appear on screen release all buttons. Whole process has to be confirmed to do it press Power button twice. Device will restart, after that you can work on device.

LG p769

1 Turn the phone off.

2 Press and hold the following keys at the same timefor 8 seconds: Vol-  + Home +Pwr Key .

3 Your device will perform a factory reset and reboot.

LG L70 MS323

1:Start by turning off the phone by pressing the Power button.

2. Then hold down together two buttons Volume Down and Power button for a couple of seconds..

3. Release for a moment Power key when the LG logo appears on the screen and press it again.

4. Now, you should see factory reset menu.

5. Confirm process by using Volume rockers to navigate and Power button to confirm.

6. Now your phone should restart.

LG vs950/ F200

1. Start by turning off your device.

2. Press Vol Down button n  Power Button

2geda til d LG logo appears on d screen.

3. Release held keys wen d LG logo appears on d screen.

4. Now, u should see factory reset menu.

5. Confirm process by pressing Power button


LG F200

Vol- and home , power n camera key

Lg F100s/ F100L/ p895

1. Turn the power off.

2. Press and hold the Power/Lock key +

Volume Down key.

3. Once LG Logo appears on the screen, release all Keys.

4. After some seconds,Software allows you to

select factory reset function in the Android

system recovery utility.

5. Scroll the list by Volume keys and select it by

LG su760 optimus 3D

Press pwr+ vol-  + 3d buttons

LG H420/H422/H420N/H440N

LG M160 /

1: turn off the phone

2: press n hold pwr+vol down

3: if the logo appear den release the power button but keep pressing the vol down, then immediately press the power.

Lg G3 D855

1: Turn off device.

2: Press power and vol- together, once you see lg logo, release both keys and quickly press both keys again.

3. This takes you to hard reset menu, vol+ to move up, vol- to move down, power key to enter.

4: Enjoy

Lg E450

Vol + , vol- , cam button, pwr

Then release power button after vibration

 F240s, F240k, F240l, E988

Home + vol- and pwr key

Release all buttons like 2secs after the LG logo appears.

Press power button to confirm permanent erasing of user data


For newer LG models simply press down the VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN button (depending on your model) together with the power button.

When the LG logo appears, release only the power button while still pressing then volume button, then immediately press the power button again.

This takes you to recovery mode where you can do hard reset by wiping user data.

The trick is first trying out with vol+ and pwr button, if no success then try vol - and pwr button.

Good luck.

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