These tips work 100%, I have personally tested them out, feel free to use them. All Samsung mobile phone, both old models and new models.

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 Note: Meaning of some keywords used.

Vol + ( volume up button )

Vol - ( volume down button)

Pwr ( power button)

Caution: If you perform a hard reset, all user applications and user data will be deleted.

This cannot be reversed Remember to back up any important data if possible, before performing a hard reset.

Samsung galaxy y B5510
volume up + home button (little
house)+ power button
When Samsung logo appears releases your fingers to the buttons

Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 (Google)
Volume Down & Volume Up Together Then Press Power
Now Select Recovery Mode Using Volume Down
Now Press Power Switch (For Recovery
After Recovery Mode Come
You Need Press Power Then Volume Up
After Comment Enable
Now You Can Wipe

Samsung T589
Then hold and press together: T key from the
QWERTY keybord + Power button, and release them when you see Android system recovery screen.
3. Now press Volume Down key to select option "wipe data/factory reset", and to confirm press Pá vlkúower button.

Press the middle key+pwr at the same time to get into recovery mode.

Other Samsung models
Press vol+, center key and pwr key for recovery mode.
Press vol- , center key and pwr key for download mode.

How to hard reset newer Samsung models that require password or pin before powering it off.

To perform any hard reset on a mobile device, the phone has to be switched off first.
However, this may seem not possible for phones that require pin or password before switching off.
Below are the steps to follow to hard reset such phones, especially newer Samsung phones.

When you press down the power button and volume up button together and keep it pressed down continuously the phone will simply reboot.

Now the trick is that when the phone goes off, before it comes up back quickly press down the volume up key, this takes you to recovery mode, where you can perform an hard reset.

Good luck.

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