Bluetooth mp3 player, Bluetooth not connecting, speaker not sounding, solution.

 Solution to all Bluetooth mp3 players, connectivity problem, Bluetooth not connecting in phone, phone not searching the Bluetooth device, Bluetooth sound not responding, Bluetooth speaker not working after changing speaker. Working solution.

TECNO Y2 power key ways and jumper.

This solution works 100% for the following;

1: Tecno Y2 charges when connected to charger but doesn't power on.

2: Tecno Y2 refuse to power on even after changing power switch or power button.

Htc butterfly power switch ways and jumper

 Htc butterfly power switch ways.

Just apply jumper from the 12th pin in the flex cable in the image below to the positive of the power switch.


This solution works 100% on the following conditions.

1: If phone charges when connected to charger but does not power on.

2: if flex cable is broken.

Power switch solution for Sony Xperia m5, E5663

Power key (switch) solution for sony xperia m5. E5663

This works in the following situations

  1. power flex is broken or damaged
  2. phone charges but no power on
  3. power button doesn't respond when pressed

solution to Tecno K7 mouth piece solution not working after changing screen

The solution below works for Tecno K7 mic or mouthpiece not working. Either it just didn't work even after changing the down board or ch...