Alcatel pop4- Google account bypass

1. Power off the phone
2. Press power key and vol up key together
3. If a triangular icon shows with no command , again press power button and volume button together.
4. Select wipe to format, and select reboot to reboot the phone.

1. Make sure you have a working WiFi connection.
2. Allow phone to connect, till when asked for previous Google account.
3. Type anything, press what you typed an hold on it to highlight the text. U will see (cut, copy, select all, and three dots)
4. Press the 3dots, and click on ASSIST.
5: In the search box, type settings, click on the settings icon, this takes you to phone setting. From setting set up a password or pin
6: Now go back to assist and this time type chrome and click on the chrome icon this brings you to chrome browser.
7: now search for "test DPC" app in the google search box, download from any site, and open when download finishes.
8:select manage owner and click next. Note your phone must be 75% charged and must be plugged in charger.
9: now click on encrypt and allow phone to encrypt and reboot.

Setup test doc profile
1:To set up test doc profile click next
2: If it says not signed in, click on d minimize button, and locate settings
3: Goto about, scroll down to build number. Continue taping it till you become a developer
4: Go back, enter developer option and enable both OEM unlocking and USB debugging
5: Now goto backup and reset, and do factory data reset.
6: After phone reboots, after the welcome screen just click skip at the bottom right and continue clicking next and skip anyway till you get your phone to the home screen.

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