When it comes to making that choice between purchasing a mobile phone with a non-removable battery and that with removable battery, below are things to consider. You decide.

For the above reason, mobile phones with non removable battery has an edge over the ones with removable ones, it just seems like having an all in one phone, packed in one sleek casing rather than having a battery different from the phone itself.

Manufacturers of phones with non-removable battery don't want you having any kind of battery problem, hence the need to fix in a durable long lasting battery. Some phones with non-removable battery comes with a battery power of nothing less than 3000mAh and some as high as 5000mAh. Again for this reason, phones with non removable battery has an edge.

For convenience and flexibility sake, phones that comes with removable battery has an edge. During heavy usage, your device might freeze up hence the need to remove the battery and fix back. But this can only be done easily when using a phone with removable battery.

Fault like charging port issue may come up anytime especially when you need your device the most or in an emergency situation. For phones with a removable battery you can either charge with desktop charger or easily fixing another battery.
More so, when the battery gets completely drained and your charger refuses to charge it up, its just a thing of removing the battery and looking for a way to boost it up. But this may not be the case of phones with non-removable battery, in this case you need a high amperage charger or dissembling the phone just to fast charge the battery.

In a situation when you accidentally drop your device in water, from experience I can say that in such cases, phones with a removable battery are easier to get fixed than those with non-removable battery.
The reason is that when such incident occur, most people always do the needful by removing their battery immediately, this will avert further damages, both for phones with non removable battery that has no waterproof technology, the time period which the user takes to dissemble the phone or bring to mobile care centre, much damages must have been done.

In a scenario, where your phone got picked up by a thief in the bus, on the train, in your office or anywhere, the first thing the thief always does is to remove the battery because they always have the little time of switching of the device appropriately. Here phones with non-removable battery has an edge. If you noticed on time that your phone is missing, there are chances that you will recover it back, the trick is that having known that the device is non-removable the thief will quickly place the phone back in hiding. All you need then is a call from another phone.

In a situation when you have to switch off your device immediately unnoticed, the shortcut is to remove the battery. Here you all know which device has an edge here.
Also, I have experienced so many situations where phone users complained of their devices not coming on, in most cases what I did was to disassemble, remove the battery and fix back. This would have been done perfectly by the user if it were to be a phone with removable battery.

When it comes to cost most non-removable batteries are more expensive to purchase due to its durability and long lasting ability. More so, a less tech savvy user will have to pay additional cost to a mobile phone repair shop for battery replacement if the need arises.

Generally, mobile phones with non-removable battery are more durable than those with removable battery. The technology of building phones using non-removable battery is a recent one, enough  research has been done on it. From the phone's casing, the ruggedness, high powered battery, waterproof technology to fast charging capability.
Further more, non-removable batteries are attached permanently to the phone's board, so the issue of my device goes off because the battery has partial contact with its connector never comes up among users using a non-removable battery phone.

Its only possible to switch between the main battery and its spare when using a mobile phone with
 removable battery. This is helpful for long distance travelers or people who the nature of their job keeps them away from using their charger for a long period.


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